Welcome to my online home. My name is Bruce and I’m the Small Job Guru. Whatever your home needs, I’m the man to help you get it done. Owning a home is full of surprises and not all of them are good. Often times you just need a little expertise to help you through a minor repair and don’t know where to turn. There are contractors, but they usually do not want to help you with those little jobs. I am here to HELP!

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    I return all calls...I usually return calls the same day, or the next day!

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    I have been doing this for over 40 years, working at many different phases of each project...not a "Jack of all Trades", but a "Bruce of Many"!

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    I love my family, and we enjoy being together. They give me the joy and passion to be the Small Job Guru.

    I have extensive experience working with handicap access. Having family members with special needs, I know the accommodations that can be made easily to enhance the environment. Modifying cabinetry and closets, widening doors, ramps, adding grab bars and just a few examples of modifications I specialize in. I wasn’t born the Small Job Guru, it took a lot of living to become the person I am today. Specializing in finish work and troubleshooting while finishing that honey-do-list we all have in our homes made me the Small Job Guru I am today!

    I have over 40 years of experience in almost every aspect of home construction. Carpentry, doors, moldings, dry wall, framing, pretty much you name it, I’ve done it. Most of all, I did it long enough to get good at it. So I have a huge amount of knowledge and experience in just about every aspect of making your home improvement plans into reality. Luckily all you have to do is call for the Small Job Guru.

    As a testimony to the quality of my work: I have earned the “Super Service” award from Angie’s list multiple times over the six years I have been on it. Here’s what you should take away from this page. My business is three pronged: One: Carpentry, Two: Handyman Service, and Three: Repair Service. Carpentry services include finish carpentry, doors, moldings, cabinet installation and modification to name a few. Handyman service, is for all those small repairs that you have set aside and need to get too but just have not the time nor the expertise to make the repairs. The repair service, is completing a job that had been started but did not get completed and correcting jobs that have gone awry.

    Give me a call and I will do a free estimate, and let you know if the job is one that fits, for us both. Come to me, with your needs, and I will advise you on the course of action you need to take even if it is not with me.

    What My Clients Say About Me

    “While Bruce does quality work, he is also practical and remains aware of costs.”  

    Patricia, Palo Alto

    “Bruce is punctual, honest and pleasant to work with. He leaves the job clean and neat when he is finished. He is a skilled craftsman and an artisan.”

    Ann, San Mateo

    “He looks things over carefully and suggests various ways of doing the repairs, he does thorough work, and several times has alerted us to serious problems we were unaware of.”

    Barbara, Los Altos Hills

    “I highly recommend him as a reliable, responsible, meticulous, and congenial worker, well skilled in the various facets of carpentry involved building a fine residential home.”

    Vija, Los Altos

    “We have found Bruce to be reliable, and would not hesitate to recommend him for any construction related job opportunities.”

    Bud, Belmont

    “I have found Bruce to be extremely thorough with the highest of standards, and always knew I could count on him to do exactly what he said he would do, when he said he would do it.”

    Claudia, Mountain View

    “At a time when there is a shortage of skilled people willing to take on small and medium-sized remodeling and construction projects, we consider ourselves very fortunate indeed to have discovered Bruce Drummond, and recommend his services without reservation.”

    Mark, Sunnyvale

    “I can assure you that his workmanship is precise, that he is a problem solver, is tidy, punctual, hardworking and reliable (and comes equipped with his own tools) and that he takes pride in what he builds.”

    Judy, Palo Alto

    “I have found Bruce to be a very honest and reliable person. He has excellent building skills…He is very careful with the details.”

    Dick, Los Gatos

    “Your commitment to excellence and promptness is truly noteworthy.”

    Peter, San Mateo

    “We appreciate your hard work. You were always punctual, courteous, and responsible.”

    Mandy, San Mateo

    “The thing I like best about him is his eye for details…He has a very calming personality and is very easy to get along with.”

    Jack, Palo Alto

    “You can set your watch by him (Bruce) .”

    Larry, San Mateo

    “I would highly recommend Bruce as reliable, responsible, and honest…highly skilled and competent…”

    Gary, San Jose

    “Bruce is well organized, punctual, has creative ideas, and completes work quickly, using the amazing array of tools stored in his van.”

    Michael, Palo Alto

    “I heartily recommend your expertise to anyone requiring the services of an experienced and knowledgeable carpenter.”

    Bob, Los Altos

    “Finding a reliable and competent handyman can be difficult and stressful. But I have found Bruce Drummond is the ideal handyman to work with.”

    Carolyn, Sunnyvale

    “We found Bruce to be a very good worker: he was always on time…and worked in a timely and dependable manner.”

    Michelle, Belmont

    “He is a punctual, courteous, honest hard worker.”

    Jim, San Carlos

    “I found him to be a highly skilled carpenter and a hard, diligent worker.”

    Ken, Belmont

    “Among his attributes are dedication, commitment, and reliability.”

    Armin, Portola Valley

    “He has consistently proven himself to be reliable and hardworking… and usually arrives well before starting time.”

    Gene, Portola Valley

    “His workmanship was both beautiful and impeccable and to say that we were pleased would be an understatement! He approached each task with patience, good humor, and professionalism.”

    Charlene, San Mateo

    “Bruce has continually proven his reliability and promptness in a market best known for the abundance of unreliable and unskilled craftsmen.”

    John, San Jose

    “I stand in awe of Bruce Drummond’s down to earth approach and clear work ethic. He has the ability to view things ‘Outside of the box’ which saved me valuable time and expense…”

    Olivia, Mountain View

    “Bruce is the right person to do your work. He is honest, absolutely reliable, and a highly skilled craftsman.”

    Dwight, Mountain View

    “Never have I been given such a good referral…. he is one of the most reliable and conscientious people I have ever met.”

    Sheila, Palo Alto

    "When it came time to remodel my home I knew I would require the help of a real craftsman. Bruce shows pride in his work by getting it right, a perfectionist. He is punctual, knowledgeable and skilled in his work. I would recommend Bruce Drummond without reservation.”

    Len, Santa Clara

    “If I had to describe Bruce in one word, it would be ‘reliable’… He completes his job honestly with no mess to clean up.”

    Karl, San Jose